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Sermons 2017
Welcome to our sermons online page.  Each sermon is labeled and loaded in a separate player.  You will note that each also has a button for downloading the sermon in mp3 format (if you wish to save it on your computer - right click on the download button and select 'save target as'), and a button for launching a pdf file (left click - it opens in a new window) of the sermon notes that were included in the worship folder for that service. 
You are invited to fellowship with us... and we hope to see you soon!
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Sermon/Series Title






Who Will Work in the Vineyard ( 10-08-17)

Changing God's Mind (10 -15-17)

God's Glory With Us  (10-22-17)

Relationship (10-29-17)

Hypocrite or Humble (11-5-17)

Committing All (11-12-17)

This Isn't All There Is (11-19-17)

What Kind Of Sheep Are We (11-26-17)

Advent 2017 (12-03-17  ) 

Pastor Michael Kirk (12-29-17)

Series:  Ephesians (01/8 - 02/26/17) 

Series:  Jesus, My Savior (03/5 - 04/16/17)

Series: Teach Me to Pray (04/23 - 7/30/17)

     (Pastor Michael Carter 05-7-17)

     (Pastor Ray Ellis 06/25/17)

Series:  What We Believe
     (08/06/17 - 10-01-17 )